Indie Buzz: Rage of Innocence (2013) Preview

Image sourced from Rage of Innocence's Facebook
Image sourced from Rage of Innocence’s Facebook

Written, directed and produced by veteran filmmaker Mark Pirro (Deathrow Gameshow, Color-Blinded) under the banner of Pirromount comes a new psychological thriller entitled Rage of Innocence.

Set to begin principal photography this summer, the movie is a far cry from Pirromount’s previous comedic features. The film focuses on high school teacher Vincent Marsden (John McCafferty) who enters into a romance with a female teacher and soon discovers that his lover’s teenage daughter Raven (Stef Dawson) will stop at nothing to prevent their relationship from blossoming…and we do mean nothing.

Currently set for release in 2015, Rage of Innocence promises to be Fatal Attraction meets The Crush and it sounds like there might be a little bit of Mother’s Boys in there too.

For more information check out Pirromount’s website, like Rage of Innocence’s Facebook and follow the project on Twitter at @RavensRageMovie


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