Indie Buzz: The Cabining (2013) Preview and Trailer

Image supplied by Steve Kopera
Image supplied by Steve Kopera

Earlier this morning we were basking in the horror comedy genius that is Tucker & Dale vs Evil and now we have news of another horredy in the form of The Cabining.

The Cabining focuses on hapless screenwriting duo Todd and Bruce who have been given one last shot at ‘making it big’ by Todd’s wealthy stepfather Serge who promises to fund the entire project if they can write a worthy horror script in two weeks. Fresh out of ideas and with their deadline looming, they head to the tranquil artist’s retreat Shangri-La for inspiration. Proving to be anything but serene, the resident artists start to die off one by one and Bruce attempts to convince Todd that they should be using their current circumstances as inspiration, but things soon turn sour when Todd begins to suspect that Bruce may be behind the ‘accidental’ deaths.

Currently in post-production, The Cabining was written and directed by Steve Kopera and stars brother Mike Kopera, the multi-talented Melissa Mars, Bo Keister, Angela Relucio, Luce Rains, Richard Riehle and Mark Rademarcher.

A little bit Scream and a little bit Shaun of the Dead, if the trailer is anything to go by then we can expect a horredy hit that will allow for a few laughs, even for those who aren’t overly keen on the horror comedy genre.

“I’m kinda frightened right now. It’s scary.”

Check out the trailer below…

For more information check out The Cabining’s Facebook page and follow them on Twitter at @TheCabining


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