Indie Buzz: Sick (2012) wins big at New York’s Macabre Film Festival

Image sourced from Sick's Official Facebook Page
Image sourced from Sick’s Official Facebook Page

Last week we introduced you to an independent zombie film by Ryan M. Andrews, set two years after an ‘infection’ has spread and starring horror icon Robert Nolan. We are now pleased to announce that over the weekend Sick won best feature and Andrews won best director at the Macabre Faire Film Festival in New York.

Sick focuses on Dr Leigh Rozetta (Christina Anne Aceto), a scientist who has been living underground in a secret government facility since the infection broke out that has almost wiped out the human race. After trying and consistently failing to find a cure, she sneaks away to return to her parent’s house and on her journey meets two militant survivalists who have just escaped from a group of zombies. With the sun setting and darkness fast approaching, the trio seeks sanctuary in Leigh’s parental home, but with the infected surrounding the house, they will be lucky to make it through until morning.

When speaking to The Horror Hothouse about his incredible festival win, Ryan M. Andrews said: “Macabre Faire Film Festival out of Long Island New York is a true horror lovers festival. To win the Audience Choice for best feature there is the greatest honour, because this film was made by a horror fan for horror fans and thanks to a festival like this we as indie filmmakers have a chance to connect with the horror fans. And my win for Best Director is truly humbling. I am only as good as the people I work with to bring my vision to life. My cinematographer Michael Jari Davidson, my actors, from our leads to our zombie extras, the make up artists, producers and my co-writer Chris Cull are all responsible for me being able to shine as the director of this film. So I share this acknowledgment with all of them.”

For more information read our preview and watch the trailer here.

Read our interview with Robert Nolan here.

Follow director Ryan M. Andrews on Twitter at @RyanMAndrews1 and like Sick on Facebook.


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