Lustmord: Anatomy of a Serial Butcher Vol. 1 Review

Image supplied by Kirk Alex

Image supplied by Kirk Alex

In the suburban Los Angeles is the church of Vietnam vet the Reverend Cecil Omar Biggs. It’s not a normal church by any means, locked up in the basement are the board of governors and you really don’t want to know what’s kept in the freezer. When the Reverend and his Deacon Marvin ‘Freebase’ Muck go hunting for their next victim in LA’s strip joints some very nasty stuff happens.

To be honest Lustmord isn’t really my chalice of industrial strength hemlock. This is the horror of Dennis Nilson and Jeffrey Dahmer, rather than that of Clive Barker or Bram Stoker. There is no comforting air of fantasy in Lustmord, there are no supernatural monsters here – oh no they are all too human! Nothing is left to the imagination and the brutal scenes of murder, violence and rape are all extremely graphic. That being said there is something quite compelling about Kirk Alex’s writing that draws you into the story from the very start, and you can palpably feel both the hot stickiness of LA’s climate and the barely constrained psychosis of Biggs in the narrative.

One for hardcore gorehounds only.

Lustmord: Anatomy of a Serial Butcher now available as a kindle eBook download at in six volumes

Review by Simon Ball

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