Horror Brought To Life: Static (2012) at The Cut!

Image sourced from chrisandphilpresent.co.uk
Image sourced from chrisandphilpresent.co.uk

July’s presentation at the Cut! was Static, it’s due to be released on Blu-Ray and DVD in the UK on 15 July and is a great little chiller that serves up some unexpected twists

Author Jonathan Dade (Milo Ventimiglia) and his wife Addie (Sarah Shahi) have the full rural Californian idyll complete with big house and pool, but both of them are grieving over the loss of their son, Thomas. Jonathan copes by throwing himself into his work, while Addie takes to the bottle. Then the night Jonathan finishes his latest book Rachel (Sara Paxton) comes banging on the door and begging to be let in. She claims her car has broken down and that she’s being chased by a gas mask wearing gang. Is she genuine or is she barking?

Image sourced from dlrelease.com
Image sourced from dlrelease.com

This is where I thought ‘hang on a minute I thought this was going to be one of those parents haunted by dead child’s ghost movies like Don’t Look Now, but now there’s some kind of psycho gang thing going on’ and very nearly lost interest. I’m glad I didn’t though because the way director Todd Levin handles the predictable tropes of people hiding, fighting back and running from the nutters is mind-blowing stuff. Yes we have faces at windows, some Halloween style hiding in wardrobes and of course people splitting up and running about for various daft reasons (come on who would keep a gun for personal protection in an out-building?), but it is accompanied by amazingly tight camera work, really creepy atmospheric lighting and the most effective use of visual and sound editing that I have experienced in a movie for a long, long time.

The final denouement at the film’s climax is not what you expect at all.

See the trailer below…

Screenings at the CUT! include one free drink plus entry into a free draw to win all kinds of strange promotional stuff. Entry is free, but strictly limited. To get on the guest list e:mail billychainsaw@blackthorncommunications.com.

Feature by Simon Ball

Connect with Simon: @RealShipsCook or here.


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