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Image sourced from Wherewolves' Facebook page

Image sourced from Wherewolves’ Facebook page

Doris and Jeffrey are the odd kids at a US military school. Picked on by the jocks and popular girls, both of them harbour a secret fascination with werewolves. When their teacher, Iraq veteran Sergeant Tim O’Sullivan takes the whole class on a survival weekend in the backwoods Doris and Jeffrey get tooled up to take on the bullies. What none of them are prepared for is what happens when the Sun goes down.

The sheer hell of daily school life faced by kids who choose kick against the dominant culture is nicely illustrated by the humiliation and intimidation meted out to Doris and Jeffrey by their clean-cut, all-American classmates. I suppose that’s why I found it so easy to identify with the pair of them, after all the very act of reading a book for pleasure, was regarded as deviant by the inmates of the north London comprehensive that I survived!

Out in the woods the action comes on thick, fast and gory as the students come under attack from something sharp and savage. Now this is all very well and good, but the problem with Wherewolves is that it was initially written as a movie screenplay and this does show through in the finished work. The narrative only takes us a touch beyond a set of stage directions and aside from Doris and Jeffrey the characters were a little shallow. I also found it quite difficult to keep track of which obnoxious jock was which as they came to their various bloody ends, perhaps a smaller cast would have made it easier to follow.

All that being said, Wherewolves is an entertaining, if undemanding read and it does contain a really neat twist at the conclusion.

Wherewolves is self-published by authors John Vamvas and Olga Montes and is available as a paperback or Kindle download

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Review by Simon Ball

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