Hothouse Hottie: Rose Byrne (September 2013)

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With Insidious: Chapter 2 due to hit silver screens in the UK on Friday the 13th, September’s Hothouse Hottie could be none other than the gorgeous Rose Byrne, best-known for her roles in X-Men: First Class, 28 Weeks Later, Damages and, of course, the original Insidious.

The Sydney-born beauty first came on to our radar back in 1999 when she starred alongside Heath Ledger in Two Hands, a film about a teenager who finds himself in debt to a local gangster and on the run after some gang loot disappears.

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A few years later, she is climbing into bed next to Brad Pitt in 2004’s epic Troy, an adaptation of Homer’s great epic that follows the assault on Troy by the Greek forces.

In 2006, Rose gives a stellar performance as Leah in The Dead Girl, a film that in five separate chapters pulls together clues to a young woman’s death from the lives of seemingly unrelated people.

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A year later, Rose is starring alongside the original bunny boiler Glenn Close in Damages, a hit television show about a law school graduate who become the protégée of a successful high-stakes litigator.

Later that year, Rose makes her first real foray into horror when she stars in 28 Weeks Later, the sequel to 28 Days Later that is set six months after the rage virus spread across Great Britain and the US Army help to secure a small area of London for survives to start again. Or at least they try to…

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2011 saw the release of James Wan’s chiller Insidious in which Hothouse Hunk Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne star as the parents of a comatose child whose body comes under attack from a horde of evil spirits when his astral projection becomes lost in another realm.

Fast forward two years, past X-Men: First Class and Place Beyond the Pines and Rose is back as the loveable Renai in the sequel to Insidious and the Lambert family (yeah, still haunted) seek to uncover the secret that leaves them so dangerously in touch with the spirit world. Yes, we admit it sounds a bit weak, but then so did the plot for the first film and that didn’t fail to have us squirming in our seats.

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