Indie Buzz: One Careful Owner (2013)

Image supplied by Mike Tack
Image supplied by Mike Tack

Used car dealer Terry (Clive Ashenden) is presented with a list of broken parts. Only they are not from an MOT test, they are from an autopsy and Terry has just woken up in handcuffs in a windowless room lined with a plastic sheet. Turns out Chris (Richard Nock) wasn’t actually that interested in the Subaru he was looking at, but his wife did die in a car that Terry sold to her. It’s just as well Chris decided to put that plastic sheet down, because he has brought his tool kit with him.

Right I think you can imagine what’s likely to happen in Mike Tack’s 11 minute British shocker. This is Mike’s second film as a director and producer and it looks a lot more expensive than the £235 budget would suggest. It does verge a bit close to torture porn for my personal preferences, but it is an extremely well made little film. The storyline is well paced and, when Chris gets a bit handy with the lump hammer and chisel, the effects look and perhaps more importantly sound pretty bloody and gruesome.


Image sourced from
Image sourced from

One Careful Owner is due to be exhibited at the Horror on Sea Film Festival at the Park Inn Palace Hotel in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK. The festival runs from 17-19 January 2014. Discover more here.

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Review by Simon Ball

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