Horror Brought To Life: The Cat (2011) at The CUT!

Image sourced from asianwiki.com

Image sourced from asianwiki.com

Mr Billy Chainsaw’s December presentation at the CUT! was The Cat (AKA The Cat: Eyes that See Death) a Korean chiller directed and written by Seung-wook Byeon.

Before the lights dimmed, those of us who are cat owners (or is that owned by a cat) were duly warned that we would never see our beloved moggies in the same light afterwards. So, full of anticipation, I took a swig of lager and settled down for the show.

The Cat opens in Kitties and Puppies, a grooming parlour for posh pets where So-yeon (Min-Young Park) is shampooing a poor Persian, before dressing him in a collar with a bow and applying dabs of kitty rouge to his face. Naturally when the owner turns up Silky is pretty pissed off and I have to say I was totally with Silky when he left her corpse in the lift.

Anyhow So-yeon adopts Silky and it isn’t long before the spooky stuff starts happening. So-yeon keeps seeing a corpse like little girl with a bobbed haircut (Yep, we are in Korea alright!) only this one has the eyes of a cat. Things take a turn for the worse when her mate, Bo-hee, attempts to pimp up a cat called Dimwit. Bo-hee chases Dimwit into a walk-in wardrobe and only one of them gets out alive.

So what’s happening with the creepy kitties? So-yeon and her cop buddy discover that the killer kitties all come from the same part of town, A place where an old woman with Alzheimer’s wanders round barefoot looking for her lost grandchild. What’s the connection between the ghostly nipper and the cats? Hell, I’m not going to spoil that for you.

I really enjoyed The Cat. It’s a well directed little chiller with plenty of effectively built up shocks. Yes, I knew they were coming, but they still made me jump. Yes, the ghostly child has become  a bit of a Korean horror movie cliché, but when a film is as well directed, edited and lit as The Cat, who cares? Did it change the way I see my cat? No I was with the cats all the way through the film, most of the people who die deserve what they get.

I give it a 555/666

The Cat is released on DVD in the UK on December 31.

Image sourced from joblo.com

Image sourced from joblo.com

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Review by Simon Ball

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