Horror Brought To Life: The Invoking (2013) at The CUT!

Image sourced from joblo.com
Image sourced from joblo.com

It’s that time of the month again when I descend into the stygian dark depths of London’s Horse Hospital for The CUT’s monthly movie mayhem.

March’s creep out was The Invoking, another one of those movies that make you realise that when someone leaves you a big house miles from anywhere in the American backwoods it won’t end well. Especially if you decide to take a bunch of your college pals along with you when you decide to explore your new home.

Naturally Sam (Trin Miller) is the product of a troubled childhood and can’t remember anything before the age of five, Mark her former boyfriend (Brandon Miller) is the obnoxious jock, Caitlin (Andi Norris) is the spiky-haired kooky one with a thing for Mark and Roman (Josh Truax) is the nerdy guy who tape records ambient noise and secretly fancies the pants of Caitlin. I think you probably have a good idea of where this will go already and we haven’t even met Eric (D’Angelo Midili) the Afghan War veteran caretaker and resident weird guy yet.

Turns out Eric was the younger Sam’s playmate when she lived at the house before the amnesia kicked in. Oh yes there’s a monster troubled past and before long it’s manifesting itself through Sam’s pals, who naturally do daft things like getting lost in the woods in the dark and getting in a strop and stomping off alone.

So was The Invoking any good? Well to my mind it had a bit of an identity crisis. On the one hand there was a touch of a haunting thing going on, on the other it’s a backwoods  psycho loony at large movie and those aspects never really joined up for me. It’s a competently made film, a bit predictable at times, but never really delivers that jump out of your seat moment.

I give The Invoking a 444.

On the plus side I won the prize draw that night and passed into the night with a handful of DVDs.


The Invoking is released on DVD in the UK on May 12. Screenings at the CUT! include one free drink plus entry into a free draw to win all kinds of strange promotional stuff. Entry is free, but strictly limited. To get on the guest list email billychainsaw@blackthorncommunications.com.


For further investigation find out what happens when native New Yorkers Steve and Melody buy a big old house in the country in Michael Bay’s Whisper.


Review by Simon Ball

Connect with Simon: @RealShipsCook or here.


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