Blood Widow (2014)

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Successful couple Laurie (Danielle Lilley) and Hugh (Brandon Kyle Peters) have just bought their first home together out in the country. Hugh has also invited all his mates for a housewarming party much to Laurie’s displeasure.

So, the first lot of guests turn up and naturally what’s the first thing you do when you arrive at a housewarming?  Yes of course, you leave your hosts to go and explore the creepy old abandoned boarding school next door making sure that you treat the building with noisy disrespect and let the resident psycho know you are around. Yep, it’s bodycount movie time and we have all the requisite stereotypical characters: the jerk, the hypochondriac nerd, the arty girl and the bitchy one who puts it about a bit.

Later back at Hugh and Laurie’s (surely an in-joke for House fans, I think) the party is in full swing so arty girl Harmony (Kelly Kilgore) drops some acid and heads back to the old school alone, as you would. Naturally, that is the last her mates see of her.

The following morning the friends search the old school again, but find no sign of Harmony who they decide must have hitched a ride home. That evening the killing starts anew with a vengeance.

Blood Widow starts out as a pretty standard masked slasher movie with a couple of comedic beheadings to get you in the mood, but then takes a far darker path as the violence descends from farce into cruelty and torture. There is some quite nasty stuff in here, despite some laughably crude prosthetics and for me the film’s conclusion is too close to torture porn to be comfortable with.

Starts out well enough, even if the format is well travelled, has the odd laugh out loud moment, but ends on an all too depressing note. I give Blood Widow a 222/666.

Blood Widow is released on DVD and digital June 3.

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Review by Simon Ball

Connect with Simon: @RealShipsCook or here.


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  1. All righty then. Not worth the trouble. Does sound formulaic and old.

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