The Bunnyman Massacre 2 (2014)

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Right, so the big yellow school bus pulls up to collect a wee girl, only she keels over dead, a kid yells “Bunny!”, only the driver doesn’t notice the guy in the blood specked cuddly bunny suit, with the shotgun and the chainsaw. Yeah I think you can imagine what happens next.

Back at the ancestral ranch Joe is making jerky out of people when Bunny comes home for his tea. Yes we are in the fly-specked, sweaty deep south of the good old USA where everyone is just that bit monster batshit loony and before long Bunny and Joe have found a bunch of girlie backpackers trekking through their particular bit of backwoods wilderness to entertain. Needless to say Bunny and Joe’s idea of entertainment involves torture, maiming and death, utilising a variety of power tools and other instruments.

Leaving out the ludicrous plot, this deeply misogynistic film really isn’t my kind of horror movie. Aside from the kids on the bus I counted nine women who were generally abused, beaten, tortured and murdered by the Bunny and Joe over the film’s one hour and forty minutes duration, Call me a pussy, but this really isn’t entertainment, it’s sick porn for inadequate males who hate women.

I haven’t seen the original The Bunnyman Massacre, but this sequel is supposed to be a much better film… Also, The Bunnyman Massacre 3 is in production. Ye Gods and Little Fishes as Sir Lancelot Sprat would say, I hated it so I give it a 222 out of 666.


Review by Simon Ball

Connect with Simon: @RealShipsCook or here.


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