Indie Buzz: Motivational Growth (2013)

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Ian Folivor (Adrian DiGiovanni) has not been out of his apartment for months. He only moves from his couch to go to the toilet, the place is filthy and takeaway cartons and dirty plates litter the surfaces. When his ancient TV dies he decides to end it all by cooking up some chlorine gas in the bath, only he takes a tumble when he tries to block the extractor fan and knocks himself out cold.

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When he comes around, he’s face-to-face with a huge talking mould (or mold in American, voiced by Re-Animator’s Jeffery Combs). The mould encourages Ian to take control of his life and Ian cleans himself and the flat up and even starts flirting with his neighbour Leah (Danielle Doetsch) who he has been spying on through the peephole. However, Ian keeps finding himself drawn into TV shows where he is warned about the mould’s ulterior motives and things take an ugly turn when the mould kills the online shop delivery girl.

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I had my misgivings about the basic concept for this movie and at one hour and 44 minutes the basic joke does start to wear a bit thin. There are some gross-out bits with fungal growths and spores, rotting corpses and a bit of fake blood splashed about, but nothing too disgusting to put you off your popcorn. Most of the action takes place in Ian’s living room and bathroom which must have saved a huge amount of budget, and except for DiGiovanni and Doetsch, the cast are uniformly bad actors.

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A gross-out comedy horror that overstays its welcome, I give Motivational Growth (the title is probably the best gag in the movie) 222/666.

Motivational Growth is out now on Video on Demand worldwide, Blu-ray and DVD in Canada and DVD in the USA.

Watch the trailer here:

Review by Simon Ball

Connect with Simon: @RealShipsCook or here


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