London Horror Festival 2014 Launch Night

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Returning for its fourth terrifying year, the London Horror Festival kicks off this evening (12th October 2014) at the Lost Theatre in Vauxhall.

Tonight’s spectacular launch night sees the return of Stage Fright, the third annual horror radio competition from London Horror Festival and the award-winning audio drama producers at the Wireless Theatre Company.

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Following months of searching for short radio dramas that explore the spooky, the shocking, and the downright terrifying, the selection has been narrowed down to just three blood-curdling short dramas. These dramas will be performed and recorded live by the Wireless Theatre Company at tonight’s opening, with the winner being decided by special guest judge, horror writer Seth Patrick (author of the Revivor trilogy).

There’ll also be a horror cabaret featuring the weird and wonderful talents of some of London’s finest burlesque, comedy and vaudeville artists.

Check out the full line-up here and get your tickets here.


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