Indie Buzz: Sledge (2014)

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Right, before we start, this is nothing to do with Santa or his reindeer, so don’t go thinking the Hothouse has started festering for the season.

Now we have cleared that up, Sledge is a serial murderer whose chosen modus operandi is a wallop or several with his trusty bloody great hammer. Oh yeah, he likes to keep the faces of his victims in jars too.

Sledge is also a movie within a movie. The literally named Couch Girl (Rachel Cornell) settles down on her sofa to watch Assly’s True American Horror. Now Assly is a cartoon werewolf horror host, a bit like a cuddly Elvira, although I know which of them I rather cuddle up with. The film of course is Sledge.

And so we are off with a group of American teen campers into the wilderness, two couples Michelle (Desiree Holmes) and Shawn (Travis Henson) and Sarah (Stephanie Turner) and Nash (Russell Matoes), plus the compulsory cocky singleton Alex (Dustin Bowman) who keeps up a stream of masturbatory gags throughout the first part of the movie. So, as the gang get down to drinking beer, eating smores and telling ghost stories, Sledge is watching them.

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We all know where this is going, but it is about 40 minutes into the run time (of one hour 15 minutes) before its hammer time and gets a bit messy in a blood-and-brains-splattered-about kind of way.

Credit due, Sledge was reputedly made for $800 and as such is a competently made movie, but as the horror-comedy genre tribute that it’s meant to be, it fails. The problem is that dialogue just isn’t all that funny, so the finished film looks more like the sort of body count slasher it set out to parody. There is certainly some talent within the team that made Sledge, but I do feel that they have spread themselves a little too thin to pull it off successfully. You need better writing and a good script editor, guys.

A valiant effort, let down by the dialogue, I give Sledge 333/666.

Read our review with writer and director Kristian Hanson here.

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Review by Simon Ball

Connect with Simon: @RealShipsCook or here


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