Blood Valley : Seed’s Revenge / Seed 2 : The New Breed (2014)

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Taking the scenic route back from a Las Vegas hen do, four girls stop to help a lady cop (Manoush). When their RV won’t start, the cop takes Claire (Annika Strauss) and Olivia (Christa Campbell, who by the look of her has had rather too much cosmetic surgery) off into the desert to walk to the nearest town.

Yeah right, like that’s going to happen. Out of sight, Claire gets gutted with a hunting knife and Olivia takes a bullet through the knee, while Seed (Nick Principe) in his blood spattered dungarees and mask, has let himself into the RV while Christine (Natalie Scheetz) is in the toilet and Barbara (Sarah Hayden) is plugged into her iPod. I’m not going to bother relating the torture, mutilation and death that follow, it’s just more nasty misogyny porn for inadequate people who don’t like women.

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Writer/director Marcel Walz has attempted to fragment the film’s narrative in the style of Pulp Fiction, breaking it down to little vignettes served up in no particular order, but he is no Tarantino and Blood Valley: Seed’s Revenge is just a disjointed, badly acted mess with no redeeming qualities at all.

I understand this is a sequel to Uwe Boll’s Seed, where the titular hero goes to the electric chair and then digs his way out of his grave to exact revenge on those who put him away, which on the face of it seems to have more of a revenge motive than Blood Valley Seed’s Revenge, which is merely a succession of nasty torture and death.

Not my kind of movie at all and, if it wasn’t for this review, I’d have stopped watching Blood Valley: Seed’s Revenge about ten minutes in. I give it a 111/666.

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Review by Simon Ball

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