Frankenstein: Unbolted at London Horror Festival review

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So, what happens when Victor is stitching together his creature and Ygor drops the liver instead of the brain? An hour of total mayhem as everybody celebrates his birth and the creature just can’t hold his drink.

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Don’t expect Frankenstein: Unbolted at Camden Town’s Etcetera Theatre to bear more than a passing nod to Mary Shelley’s story, but let’s face it, very few adaptations ever have. Do expect to laugh yourself stupid though as the three lads from the Last Chance Saloon take us to ‘Ingoldstadt University in Ingoldstadt’ and rattle through their own rapid fire gag-laden version of the story, complete songs that are not too unreasonable facsimiles of hits by Britney, Jacko and Wham. It was a big hit at this summer’s Edinburgh Festival Fringe, a true test of any comics’ mettle.

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Comedy and horror are often uncomfortable bedfellows, you only have to endure Horne and Corden’s execrable Lesbian Vampire Killers to see what happens when people try to take the piss out of a genre they don’t really understand, but the Last Chance Saloon guys clearly know and cherish their Frankenstein and as such the show laughs along with the idea not at it.

Frankenstein: Unbolted is on at London’s Etcetera Theatre in Camden Town until October 16. Tickets are £ 9.50 from London Horror Festival or at the box office.

Check out the festival’s full line-up here.

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Review by Simon Ball

Connect with Simon: @RealShipsCook or here


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