Horror Brought to Life: Bad Milo (2013) at the CUT!

Image sourced from collider.com
Image sourced from collider.com

Conversations hushed as the room darkened and a lone figure took to the stage. Yes, it was Mr Billy Chainsaw and we were downstairs at Horse Hospital waiting for the 50th film to be shown at London’s greatest cult cinema club.

“Tonight’s film is about this demon who lives up a bloke’s arse”. There wasn’t any need for Billy to say anymore. How could there possibly be?

Image sourced from collider.com
Image sourced from collider.com

Duncan (Ken Marino) is having stomach problems so he goes to see a doctor. An ultrasound reveals an anomaly that the doctor puts down to a stress related disorder and recommends that Duncan should take it easy. Easier said than done, at work Duncan’s arrogant boss places him in charge of redundancies and puts him in an office that is a converted toilet. What’s more, he has to share it with the most annoying person in the whole company. Back at home, Duncan’s mother and her toyboy lover invite a fertility specialist to join Duncan and his wife at a dinner party and talk babies at them.

Well, we all know stress is the worst thing for an irritable bowel and before long Duncan’s guts are rumbling. Duncan passes out in the bathroom and when he regains consciousness the annoying workmate has been spattered up the office wall. Turns out Duncan’s inner demon has his own way of dealing with Duncan’s stress.

Image sourced from cloudfront.net
Image sourced from cloudfront.net

On the face of it, stringing out a gag about a killer poo demon could have been a complete disaster, but Bad Milo is actually quite a funny film. Sure there are plenty of arse jokes and gross-out moments, but it’s nicely acted with some witty dialogue and even a couple of oblique tributes to classic Universal horrors.

The first poo demon revenge killer comedy I have ever seen, I give Bad Milo a 555/666.

Bad Milo is released on DVD in the UKK on 20 October.

Screenings at the CUT! include one free drink plus entry into a free draw to win all kinds of strange promotional stuff. Entry is free, but strictly limited. To get on the guest list e-mail billychainsaw@blackthorncommunications.com.

Image sourced from imdb.com
Image sourced from imdb.com

Review by Simon Ball

Connect with Simon: @RealShipsCook or here.


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