Horror Brought to Life: Honeymoon (2014) at the Cut!


It was a cold and frosty night in old London town as the city’s most discerning group of film fans assembled in the dungeon of Holborn’s Horse Hospital. Sadly following the demise of event sponsor Bizarre magazine it was for the penultimate tine, unless Cut! mainman Billy Chainsaw can find a new backer. Good luck Billy, if anyone can do it you can.

Enough of that and on with the show. Tonight’s movie was Honeymoon. Newlyweds Paul and Bea (played by Brit actors Harry Treadaway and Rose Leslie in their best American accents) head upstate and over the Canadian border to Bea’s parents holiday cabin in the woods. This won’t end well I hear you say and of course you are right (this is a horror website and not a travelogue after all), but not for the usual reasons.

It doesn’t take long for things to start getting weird. Bea goes sleepwalking and Paul finds her bare arse naked in the woods, then she starts forgetting how to do simple stuff like putting the coffee in the pot before putting the pot on the stove. Then there are the sores on her inner thighs that Bea swears are mosquito bites. Weirdest of all is her obsessive habit of writing down who she is, but you know it’s definitely not good when Paul finds Bea’s missing nightgown full of holes and covered in icky sticky stuff.

Honeymoon is a nicely put together study of one man’s descent into terror as he gradually realises that Bea is no longer the woman he married. Treadaway and Leslie put on a highly credible performance as Americans in this claustrophobic little drama that put me in mind of Don Siegal’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers or Unearthly Stranger, although whether the cause of Bea’s possession is alien or supernatural is left to our own imagination.

A pleasantly surprising variation on the cabin in the woods theme, I give Honeymoon a 444/666.

Honeymoon is released on DVD in the UK on 19 January.