Indie Buzz – Day For Night (Nuit Americhen) 2014

nuit_regina07If you ever wondered what would happen when a unscupulous film director bluffs his way into your home on the pretext of making a promotional video when what he really wants is a location for his low-budget slasher?

Once inside the luxury villa, the director ignores the owner’s instructions to keep out of the cellar, while sound woman come lead actress Diana (Regina Oriole) has remembered to bring her low-cut top, but left her contact lenses at home, what could possibly go wrong with a box full of trick knives, fake body parts and Kensington gore?

Over its 24 minute runtime Frederico Greco’s Italian short, Day for Night,  lovingly spoofs the making of a cheapo horror movie through parody and the occasional genre in-joke, watch out for the Hitchcock gag. It’s a well made little film that delivers the requisite shocks with the laughs. There’s some nicely stated hammy overacting when the actors are ‘on camera’ and the whole production is nicely shot and lit. Catch it if you can, I give Day for Night a 666/666.

Regina Oriole
Regina Oriole

Frederico Greco directed the stylish Hothouse zombie favourite short E.N.D. which is now in production as a full length movie


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