Bram Stoker’s Legend of the Mummy 2 (2000) – Bargain Basement of Horror


About the kindest thing I can say about this movie is that the British Heart Foundation made £1.99 out of my impulse buy. It goes without saying that this is a sequel of sorts to Bram Stoker’s Legend of the Mummy, which is based upon Stoker’s other great book The Jewel of the Seven Stars (1903) that revolves around an Egyptian Princess reincarnated into the body of an archeologist’s daughter on the discovery of her tomb. This has notably been filmed as Blood From the Mummy’s Tomb (1971) by Hammer and an especially dull Charlton Heston vehicle The Awakening (1980).

This movie has absolutely no connection to The Jewel of the Seven Stars or Bram Stoker whatsoever. What we have is our typical group of American students including popular girl, stupid jock, nerdy boy, nerdy girl with spex and two disposable meatheads who are helping their professor get an ancient Aztec mummy ready for an exhibition at the college museum, only the college museum would appear to be the dining room of the Mexican holiday villa hired for the shoot with a mummy on the dining room table. Note to producer two rows of stacking chairs in a conservatory do not make a college lecture theatre

Needless to say Norman the tongue-tied nerdy boy turns out to be the last of a line of Aztec priests who decides to reanimate the Mummy in order to capture and sacrifice a virgin and bring the world to an end. So Norm has a little chant, the mummy sets about killing the people we have been halfheartedly set up to dislike and nerdy Stacey ends up as the virgin on the slab. All this is done by candle light as the ‘kids’ are more scared of the campus cops catching them out of their dorms after lights out!

Despite having a rousingly good musical score, the acting is really quite bad, the writing dire (he was mummified while still alive!) and the props pretty basic stuff purchased from the local Mexican flea market. As a monster the Mummy is just about OK even if he does look rather well fed, but he ain’t Boris Karloff or Christopher Lee.

I have seen the DVD at 1p plus postage on Amazon, that would seem about right 222/666


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