Indie Buzz – Black Sand

Black Sand is a short British film by Aaron Jolly, made with a bunch of pals on a nano budget of about £100. We like that sort of budget at Horror Hothouse. The film shows what happens when a group of friends take a trip to a seaside town, where the locals are part of a lunar cult.
The short will be premiered later this year, but for now take a look at the trailer.

Aaron told the Hothouse a little bit more about the movie and its influences.
Black Sand is an experimental short horror film that I made in Hastings with the Help of Angel Rose (she’s worth a google, she has some nice work) and a small group of friends. I tried not to conform too much to the tropes of the horror genre and the film is more influenced by movies like The Wicker Man, Suspiria, The Lost Boys and the works of Ben Wheatley, it takes the “folk horror” aesthetic and combines it with stylistic influence from more experimental ‘art’ cinema directors such as Kenneth Anger and Alejandro Jodorowski with an added touch of good old-fashioned British realism.’

We think there is a wee touch of Neil Jordan in there too, can’t wait to see the full picture.