Indie Buzz – The Seamstress

Tyler Mann tweeted us an invite to view his latest movie short: The Seamstress. Now we like a bit of DIY film making here at Horror Hothouse and we liked Tyler’s so much we decided to share it with you lot.

Then we asked Tyler to tell us a bit about making the movie: ‘This project only took two weeks from me getting the idea that I was going to make a short, to publication online. That’s including coming up with the story, writing, casting, location, props, crew, shooting, editing, then post sound mixing. That’s a pretty intense schedule for a no-budget short. I’ve done 48 hour film festivals before, and this was almost as challenging. On those, I only shot, but on this film, I was writer, producer, director, editor and cameraman. That’s a lot of hats to wear!

I ended up spending about $300 total on food, props, and sfx make-up. Our actress actually spent 4 hours in makeup for shots of her face and scalp skinned off, and we never even used it! It just didn’t fit well in the final edit and the final scene was just much stronger without it.  That left us about 5 hours to shoot the whole short.  As for working with Sega, my dog, it was not a problem.  I have her trained to do about 20 tricks, so she is very attentive to what I want.  Just withhold a few treats from her and she can get kind of whiney.  She’s a natural-born actress.’

Well us here at the Hothouse can only agree, she is one cute pooch.

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