Indie Buzz – The Return Trailer

In Life You Choose’s psychological chiller The Return a documentary film crew arrive in the sleepy English town of Glossop to discover that there is something very strange about the place. As the suspense builds you are fed just enough information to keep you mind racing and questioning what is going on. the film will be released on Youtube later this year, but if you want a taste of what’s to come visit their Facebook page to view the trailer

‘Life you Choose’ is an arts and multimedia group for people with learning difficulties that is currently working towards becoming a ‘community interest company’ and opening up for five days a week. It was set up in May 2014 in response to government cuts, as people with a moderate learning difficulty are at risk of loosing their places at day centres across Derbyshire. Because Glossop is a small rural town there is not much locally for them to attend and ‘Life you Choose’ aim to provide a service where they are able to make positive contributions to their local community, and have a safe place to go, whilst enabling their parents and carers to have some respite.

We like the punk DIY spirit behind this down at the Hothouse dungeon and can’t wait to see the finished movie.



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