Indie Buzz – The Retreat Trailer

retreatstill4Set on a remote Scottish island in the middle of the North Sea The Retreat is a horror feature inspired by the events which took place in the summer of 1816 at Villa Diodati, Lake Geneva. We caught up with writer/producer Louise James to find out a bit more about the film which is currently in pre-production.

‘A group of female horror writers try to emulate their heroine, Mary Shelley by staying through the winter at a lodge on an uninhabited remote island to write a horror story. Their only contact with the outside world is through the caretaker and his wife who live the other side of the island, and a local fisherman who lives on the mainland who delivers supplies to the island every week. Just like Lord Byron, Susan the leader of the group sets each writer a challenge, to develop their own classic horror story.

The intention of the group is to write their story during the long winter nights at the isolated lodge. They each take turns in reading aloud a story from the book ‘Fantasmagoriana’ in order to get their creative juices flowing, as did Byron 200 years before. A few weeks into their stay the caretaker resurrects a long dead, supernatural entity by accidentally disturbing its grave whilst digging footings for a shed.The women are then thrown into their own real life horror story and have to fight for their survival.

The Retreat Concept Poster

The Retreat is an original screenplay, co-written by Lloyd and Louise James. It will star Maria Lee Metheringham (Enter The Cage), Dani Thompson (Cute Little Buggers), Liz Mente Bishop (Exorcist Chronicles), Marcella Edgecombe-Craig (Bitchfight), Emma Galliano, Jacqueline Davis, Bill Hutchens (Human Centipede 2 & 3) and Richard Buck (Olympic 400 meter runner and actor).

We chose Orkney as we live in Orkney and also because it is a great location for filming, as there are parts that are remote and isolated which we hope will give a lot of depth and body to the visuals of the film. We want to get across how remote and isolated ‘The Retreat’ is and how the women are cut off from ‘society’. We used Mary Shelley as a reference firstly, because Orkney is the place where Victor Frankenstein came to make the ‘monster’ a mate,  and secondly, the female writers want to put themselves in a similar situation to Shelley when she conceived the idea of Frankenstein, in the hope that they can produce great horror stories.’