Indie Buzz – Seize the Night Trailer

Seize-the-Night-PosterThe Hothouse is getting pretty hot under the collar about forthcoming Brit Horror short Seize the Night. It’s a vampire thriller in the mould of Underworld or Blade and stars Hothouse pal Emma Dark (formerly known as Darke Morte) as vampire assassin Eva.

Emma told us ‘The story follows EVA, a renegade vampire assassin, on her action filled journey to the truth. The film opens shortly after she has escaped from a secret government compound, a center for the most nefarious biological experiments. Following her escape Eva is confronted by her life long enemy and is forced into a situation of such gravity she may have to deal with the devil she knows best in order to fight a far greater evil.”

Emma Darl as Eva
Emma Dark as Eva

Emma is more that just the leading actor she is also directing, producing, co-writing and editing the picture which will be doing the film festival rounds once it is completed later this year.  The film also features Anthony Illot, Merlyn Roberts and Paul Ewan with cinematography by Donato Cinicolo and AJ Singh.  Emma even managed to persuade veteran stuntman Roy Scammell (James Bond, A Clockwork Orange and Alien) to come out of retirement and give a hand.

Having watched the trailer we can’t wait to see the finished movie

Merlyn Roberts in Seize the Night
Merlyn Roberts in Seize the Night



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