What’s Left of Us (2015)


The zombie apocalypse hits Argentina and the only people left alive are Axel (Lautaro Delgado), Jonathan (William Prociuk) and Ana (Victoria Almeida). Holed up in their fortified house they have a lot of time on their hands when they aren’t out foraging for food or shooting zombies in the post apocalyptic wastelands.

To pass the time there is the therapy room where they record their private feelings on videotape, kind of like a Big Brother House of the Dead , ana like making up names for zombie kills and writing them on the wall, Axel is into being tattooed, although running out of uninked skin, not to mention spying on Ana when she is naked, while Jonathan and Ana indulge in a bit of mindless fucking. Then in a game of Truth or Dare Jonathan dares Axel to look into the eyes of a zombie so the boys set out to capture one of the walkers and chain him up at home. It’s not going to end well is it?

WLOU-Gallery-2 What’s Left of Us is a welcome bit of intelligent relief from the ‘line em up shoot em down’ kind of zombie movie. The living dead are hardly seen at all and the true horror we witness is the gradual mental disintegration of the film’s three protagonists within the claustrophobic environs of their fly infested bunker.

A superior and smart zombie flick (at last!) I give What’s Left of Us a 555/666

In Spanish with English subtitles

What’s Left of Us is released on DVD and On-Demand in the UK on 11 May from Peccadillo Pictures

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