The Mysteries by Lisa Tuttle – Book Review

Jacket design and illustration by Ghost
Jacket design and illustration by Ghost

Last heard of in the Scottish Highlands Laura Lensky’s daughter, Peri, has now been missing for two years. The police have closed the case, as far as they are concerned there is no body so she must have wanted to run away from her mother and boyfriend. Laura is convinced tat she has been abducted.

Along long estranged friend gets back in touch with Laura and suggests that she should go to London and engage American ex-pat private dick Ian Kennedy. Ian takes the case, which has remarkable parallels with the investigation that inspired him to become a detective. You see what both of these cases have is a root in Celtic folklore and whoever took those girls certainly wasn’t human.

Don’t pick up The Mysteries expecting a gore fest, what we have here is a rather clever and engaging blend of folkloric fantasy and the detective novel, although not without an undercurrent of malevolence. As Kennedy puts together the clues he then has to convince a sceptical Laura that he ‘isn’t away with the fairies’ himself in order to crack the case and rescue Peri. I found the plot quite intriguing with well drawn likeable characters who were easy to relate to and wonderfully evocative descriptions of the Scottish countryside and North London.

A wonderful collision of investigation procedural and fairy tale I give The Mysteries a 555/666

The Mysteries is published by Jo Fletcher Books price £14.44 hardback


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