Angel Manor: Lucifer Falls Book 1 by Chantal Noorde loos -Book Review


When Freya inherits Angel Manor,a big old house in Scotland, she gets together with her university pals Oliver and Bam and they decide it would make a great hotel. The place is a bit of a tip so they hire hunky Logan and his group of last chance delinquent lads to tart the place up.

Only the house has other ideas, you see it was at one time the site of a a convent inhabited by a very odd order of nuns. Far from being brides of Christ these sisters got up to some pretty nasty stuff, until one brave sister burnt the place to the ground. As if that wasn’t bad enough the house is also the guardian of a sleeping evil that chains the souls of those who live in it and not even death will can free you from that predicament.

So full of enthusiasm they start the renovations, but little do they know that with every hammer blow and piece of seemingly useless junk that they throw out, more and more of the spells keeping the evil of Angel Manor contained are unraveled. And once those spooks are out  of their psychic prison they are going to be hungry for the souls of the living. Not the best way for Freya to start a new life.

Angel Manor is fun read with plenty of gruesome chills and thrills. It comes with quite a clever back story to create the mythology of Angel Manor and the author has also put quite a lot of effort to creating personal histories for the large cast of characters, most of whom are just being set up for some kind of horrible demise before the story reaches its epic good/evil stand-off at the summer equinox. However that is not the end for the multi layered mythology created for the house demands more of a solution than just a pitched battle between the forces of light and dark.

While overall I enjoyed Angel Manor, I did feel that it was a little overlong and the narrative could have done with a firmer edit to tighten up the prose and cut the word count.(Horrific Tales Publishing have contacted me to say this has since been done)  I also felt that having so may well-developed minor characters was counterbalanced by the leading characters being a little shallow,. Having said that Angel Manor would make a cracking TV mini series with its collection of subplots.

Complex, chilling and gruesome with added evil nuns I give Angel Manor a 555/666

Angel Manor is published by Horrific Tales Publishing price £2.60 kindle or £8.99 as a real book


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  1. Jack Patton says:

    The ebook and all subsequent version may be fixed but what about the copies that people like myself have that are almost unreadable.

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