Bottled Abyss by Benjamin Kane Ethridge – Book Review

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Herman and Jane Erikson have lost their daughter in a hit a run,  Immersed in grief Jane is slowly killing herself with booze so when Lester their Border Collie goes missing in the LA Badlands, going out to search for the dog is a welcome distraction for Herman. However when Herman finds the pooch it has been savaged by a pack of coyotes and is close to death, But all is not as grim as it may seem for the mysterious Mr Charleston appears and he has a bottle containing a restorative liquid which soon puts a wag back into Lester’s tail.

Now this is where it gets tricky for Herman because Charleston is no other than Charon the ferryman who transports the souls of the dead across the River Styx to Hades and the restorative use of the elixir invariably involves a fatal trade-off. However the need for Hermann and Jane to possess Charon’s magic bottle drives them to increasingly desperate measures in order to posses and use it.

I really enjoyed Bottled Abyss, it’s a well written imaginative tale that really draws you into the its gritty urban fantasy populated by creatures so different from the usual sprawl of do gooding vamps. zombies and witches. Ethridge drops aspects of Greek mythology into contemporary American society in a highly original way and. I particularly liked Charon’s decomposing debt collecting henchman,The Fury. However all the characters are well-rounded and easy to empathise with.

Sometimes gruesome, but highly original and entertaining I give Bottled Abyss a 555/666

Bottled Abyss is published  by Horrific Tales Publishing price £2.67 kindle £15.99 hardback


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