Sweet Madness – A Harley Quinn Short

Is the DC Universe dark enough for the Horror Hothouse? You bet it is when we get shorts like this from director Peter Dukes at Dreamseekers Productions. Sweet Madness features Harley Quinn stepping out from the Joker’s shadow to have a little fun on her own and she’s just as twisted as any other Hothouse psycho.

Sweet Madness Poster (for web)

We asked Peter what was it that so appealed about Harley to him.

“Harley is a fabulously complex character and since the live action Batman canon has yet to show her any love (pending 2016’s Suicide Squad, that is, I wanted to show her some myself.  This is her story. The Joker is in it, but in a way most people haven’t seen him before. If I’m going to take on a film like this, I might as well be bold, so I’ve stripped him of his make-up to not only expose the twisted man behind the clown, but also to keep the focus on Harley.

“Harley and the Joker have a complicated history together, to say the least. This film explores that relationship, but being that it’s a short film it doesn’t take much if any time explaining their background. It’s a film designed for fans of the Batman universe who are already familiar with it. This is a story about Harley Quinn regaining her independence and completing her descent (or ascent, if you ask her) into pure madness by setting a deadly game in motion, the consequences of which she and she alone is prepared for.”
“Like all my films before this, this is a very small production, shot on a very tight budget/timeline, but I hope you enjoy what we’ve put together here.”
Oh yes, we certainly did!
Madeleine Wade plays Harley
Madeleine Wade plays a splendidly demented Harley
The film stars Madeleine Wade as Haerley and Micah Fitzgerald as the Joker.

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