Witchcraven by Katie Dennis = Book Review

cover artwork by Martin Baines
Cover artwork by Martin Baines

When Lady Seraphina de Lacy comes of age she is blindfolded, bound and led to the ancient stone circle on the Witchcraven estate where she is stripped and initiated into the arts of love by the mysterious horned man, leader of the local coven. From then on there is no stopping Seraphina as she enthusiastically takes to shagging her cousin. However all is not well on Witchcraven estate, Papa has gambled away all the money and the only way that Seraphina can take her rightful place mistress of Witchaven is to marry the arrogant Lord Brandon. What’s a girl to do?

Essentially what we have here is a bit of Jane Austen porn with some supernatural overtones. Now the Hothouse isn’t prudish, we have no trouble with all the nookie, but Witchcraven is a bit light on the spooky stuff and unfortunately I had worked out the surprise ‘twist in the tail’ ending way before I reached the end of the book. I also thought it was a bit light on historical context, I kind of guessed it was set in mid Georgian to Regency times by the costumes, but a little bit of period research to put the book into a real world context would make a big improvement to the narrative, while the ‘pagan’ bits owe more to the Red Top Sunday papers than Wicca.

A  historical bonkathon with supernatural overtones I give Witchcraven a 333/666

Witchcrtaven is published by Telos Publishing at £9.99


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