Julia (2014)

Julia Shames (Ashley C Williams) is a shy and introverted nurse at a New York dermatological practice. When a handsome patient invites her to his apartment little does she expect to be drugged, beaten, gang raped and left for dead on the shores of the Hudson by Piers and his pals.

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Later a chance encounter in a Manhattan bar leads Julia to unconventional therapist Dr Sgundud (Jack Noseworthy) and his sidekick Sadie (Tahyna Tozzi). Gruesome revenge that comes out of out of seduction for the male sex is the basis of Sgundud’s therapy, but Julia is told that making it personal is strictly forbidden. When Julia runs into one of attackers does Julia follow the rules? I think you can work out the answer to that, but what will be the consequences for Julia of  going against the rules?

Ashley C Williams is Julia
Ashley C Williams is marvelously psychotic as Julia

Often brutal and with some very, very graphic mutilation and killing Julia is an intense piece of revenge horror cinema. Williams is marvelously psychotic as the timid self-harming girl motivated to kick back against her attackers while Noseworthy is suitably deranged as her therapist. The atmospherical dark cinematography, which so effectively uses the backdrop of New York’s nightscape has a much more European vibe than you would expect in an American made movie which I put down to Scandinavian cinematographer Bergsteinn Bjorgalfsson and editor Sverrir Kristjanssonn. the cinematography is complimented by a suitably dark musical score by Frank Hall along with tunes from London’s electro-goths Vuvuvultures and South Africa’s Lark counterpointed with a spot of jolly Japanese pop at suitably psychotic moments..

A top-notch dark and moody revenge chiller I give Julia a 555/666

Julia is released DVD and Download in the UK on 14 September


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