Body (2015)

So its Christmas Eve and Holly (Helen Rogers), Cali (Alexandra Turshen) and Mel (Lauren Molina) are bored.

body1What else is there for a bunch of teenage girls to do other than smoke some weed, let themselves into the local mansion-house while the owners are away over the holiday break and hit their vodka. Now I think we already know this won’t end well and when the groundskeeper turns up he attempts to apprehend the young miscreants and ends up falling down the stairs and breaking his neck. Problem is he’s not actually quite dead yet.

Cali's (Alexandra Turshen) Christmas turns out to anything but boring
Cali’s (Alexandra Turshen) Christmas turns out to anything but boring.

What are the girl’s to do? if they call 911 at best they get done for trespass and maybe attempted murder so goodbye college.

Christmas was a bit
Christmas wasn’t exactly a bundle of laughs for Mel (Lauren  Molina) or Holly (Helen Rogers) either

Body is almost a closed room drama along the lines of Hitchcock’s Rope. Within the closed world of the mansion the relationship of the three friends is shredded as they argue over how to resolve the problem of the nearly dead man at the bottom of the stairs and it gets a whole lot more complicated when a boyfriend turns up. It’s a nicely acted, well written piece with strong performances from the young cast, a dash of blood and at just over an hour the story does not have time to flag.

A dark moody small ensemble chiller I give Body a 555/666

Body is premiered at London’s FrightFest on Friday 28 August and released in the UK on DVD and digital on 31 August


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