The Entity AKA La Entidad (2015)

Four film students decide to make a documentary about reaction videos. You know the sort of thing – a bit like Gogglebox. but in this Peruvian found footage chiller the kids decide to film the reactions of people watching videos of people being tortured or murdered. Carla (Daniella Mendoza) finds a clip of folks watching something nasty on the Dark Web (a secret part of the internet who knew?) and says that she recognises one of the viewers as local lad Carlos and they should pop round and interview him for the doc.

entity1Only thing is when they arrive at Carlos’s house his mum tells them that Carlos is dead and sends them away. As luck would have it Santiago (Diego Seminario) the brother of Carlos turns up and tells the pals that the film Carlos was watching before he died came from the archive at the cemetery and offers to show them where it came from. Naturally the friends decide that this is s great idea. That is until they crank up an ancient film, projector and people start being horribly murdered by an unseen presence.


Yes there is a touch of The Ring about Eduardo Schuldt’s Peruvian thriller, but its meddled with a good dose of Spanish colonial misdeeds and some indigenous Quechuan magic to produce this highly effective little shocker. I did experience the old feeling of ‘Oh no not another bloody found footage movie’ as the film got underway, but Schuldt does not stick too rigidly to the confines of the found footage format, which results in a much more cinematic feel to The Entity thanThe Blair Witch Project and its imitators, although the young cast still do an awful lot of hysterical running around in the dark. Slick camera work and editing build to some stand out shocks, which are then finished off nicely by the visual effects and make-up crew.

Lucas (Carlos Casella) gets to hang out with a demon
Lucas (Carlos Casella) gets to hang out with a demon

A much superior found footage chiller I give The Entity a 666/666

The Entity previewed at Frightfest on 28 August and is released on DVD and download 12 October


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