Interview with Vampire Fang Man Steve Bosworth – Seize the Night’s dental FX man

Vampires would lost without a a set of decent fangs (OK with the notable exception of Clara and Eleanor from Neil Jordan’s Byzantium).

Open wide please
Open wide please

Steve Bosworth is a self-taught special effects artist working out of Birmingham, whose most recent project is Hothouse pal Emma Dark’s Seize the Night, for which Steve created the vampire choppers and other prosthetics. Pretty impressive stuff from what  we have seen so far.

Merlyn Roberts in Seize the Night
Merlyn Roberts in Seize the Night

So how does a guy become a FX expert I hear you ask? Steve was kind enough to explain:

‘Well I’m a mostly self taught FX makeup artist. This all started for me as a hobby, many years ago when I just wanted a set of fangs to fit me! like many, I am one of the wonky teeth brigade and most ‘one size fits all’ products, just don’t fit, but after a chance discovery of an FX makeup book at the local library my journey began.

‘I certainly didn’t see myself as an artist when i left school, but things change over time and that’s what I’m now turning into. My exploration of the Goth scene and the people in it who love the vampiric side of things, led to me discovering that it also falls under the FX makeup banner. I’ve always loved those classic 80’s monster and sci-fi.movies and over time, it dawned on me that it was the makeup effects more than anything else that helped define some of my favourite films and TV shows.
The more I looked into it, the more its became more than just a hobby over the last 5 plus years. Hobbyfx is the name I’m currently trading as.’


The first part of most process is to get a lifecast of the actor, in Emma’s case, for Seize the Night this meant getting each actors to provide a cast of their own teeth with a DIY kit that I use. Once we had the cast and a rough idea of the design required, the next step was to start roughing out some ideas to make sure that they are what the production is looking for. Some of the people involved already had some of my work already, and for the werewolves, I had a pretty relaxed spec to work to however time was of the essence to come up with something striking so I’m glad they worked so well on-screen


Where other prosthetics are involved, the best way is to work from an actual cast of an actors face. Once a rough idea of the piece is worked out, this is then carefully sculpted in clay, moulded and a prosthetic is then created to be applied direct to the actors skin. It’s a tricky business, we have to build something to stick onto the body and often, if it’s a wound for example, we have to make it look as if we’ve really gone into the skin or if it is to change the shape of a face, it has to look natural and organic, as if it was always part of that person.’

I think Flowers you will agree that the stuff the folks behind the camera do is every bit as important as what the folks in front of the magic eye get up to and people like Steve are stars in their ownm right. Well done mate and many thanks for sharing your work with us. Can’t wait to see Sieze the Night!


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