The House of Screaming Death

Wow it looks as if the tide of portmanteau horrors coming out way is unstoppable. Hot the heels of Cassandra Sechler’s Tearful Surrender we have Brit horror The House of Screaming Death which has just wrapped the first phase of production in England’s West Midlands.

The Vampyre awakens
The Vampyre awakens

With its roots firmly in 1960s and 70s British Horrors, The House of Screaming Death attempts to apply a bit of Hammer period costumed Gothic to the trademark Amicus portmanteau format. Filming on the four stories based around the fictitious Bray (memories of Hammer’s 1950s and 60s studio) Manor House is now completed and only the framing structure featuring the mysterious Architect (fulfilling a similar role to Ralph Richardson’s Cryptkeeper in the Amicus Tales From the Crypt)  who one eerie night regales a specially selected group of guests with his tales, remains to be shot before the movie goes into post-production.

The Architect’s four tales are:

Willioam Solomon (Troy Denison)
William Solomon (Troy Denison)

The Lady in Grey, which.takes us to 1943 and tells the story of William Solomon, the caretaker, whose life has been changed irrevocably by the war and whose fate is linked to the house’s legendary ghost.

The Witch in the Mirror is set in 1970 and follows Lily Proctor and her boyfriend when Lily inherits the house from her mysterious uncle. Uncle’s will prohibits them from entering certain locked rooms. Mind you that does not stop the enchantress trapped within from trying to get out or the things that are pursuing her!

Don't go down to teh cellar Thomas
Don’t go down to the cellar Thomas

Set in 1888, The Vampyre, follows city boy Thomas Bullington  who goes to stay at his family’s country estate near the house. Sounds nice enough, but why are all the villagers petrified of the nearby woods?. could it be something to do with a spree of killings by ‘the deathly figure with the claws’?

In The Diabolique, Martine is investigating the disappearance of her brother Frederick, when her enquiries lead her to the house.Teaming up with same the nephew of the house’s new owner a series of strange happenings lead them to a demonic cult with a centuries old plan about to be unleashed.

Doreen (Theresa Roche) in The Diabolique
Doreen (Theresa Roche) in The Diabolique

The House of Screaming Death is being made by the team that produced the award-winning Checking In,. a group of independent filmmakers who grew up loving the English Gothic embodied in the films of Hammer, Amicus and Tygon. Unlike the Amicus anthologies each tale has a different writer and director, but it’s all looking very encouraging to this old Hammer fan, The House of Screaming Death should be ready for release in 2016.


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