Cottage Country (2015)

Office monkey Todd’s (Tyler Labine) dream of proposing to Cammie (Malin Akerman) at his family’s isolated lakeside cottage is rudely shattered when his hippy brother Sal (Daniel Petronijevic) rocks up with his permanently stoned Russian partner Masha (Lucy Punch). Exasperated Todd asks Sal to go, only for the request to escalate into a fight that leaves Sal with an axe buried in his neck. Todd wants to give himself up, but Cammie persuades him he has too much to lose, after all nobody knows Sal and Masha came out to the cottage and who would miss a pair of hippy wasters anyway?

No need to make a mess
No need to make a mess

So first thing to do is off Masha, then dispose of the bodies, what could possibly go wrong? Well turns out Sal invited a bunch of his stoner pals over for a party. Can Todd and Cammie bluff their way through the evening without anyone discovering their gruesome secret or will the ghosts of the past come back to betray them?

I must admit I did have misgivings about Cottage Country being another one of those comedies that pokes fun at the differences between the straight laced office manager and his ‘crazy’ free spirited brother, however the unexpectedly early and gruesome murder of Sal followed by Cammie’s chillingly pragmatic solution to the couples little problem take this Canadian flick on an altogether darker comedic path. Labine puts on fine performance as the emotionally confused but ultimately weak-willed brother, while Akerman is superbly dark as the ‘nice’ girl who is determined not to let a simple thing like a murder or two get in the way of her romantic dream.


A deliciously dark, but not overplayed horror comedy I give Cottage Country a 555/666

Cottage Country is now available in the UK on DVD and digital from £15.99


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