Behind the Magic Eye – We Speak to Seize the Night’s VFX Wizard Davy Simmons

As the excitement about Emma Dark’s Seize the Night mounts the Hothouse was lucky enough to grab a few moments with the film’s visual effects wizard Davy Simmons. So without further ado what does Davy Simmons do?
‘We provide affordable, high quality visual effects and animation for TV and film, as well as graphic design, or motion graphics for businesses, and even some 3D models for the video game industry.
I first started creating VFX a few years ago, 2010 I think, as part of a college project, we aimed a little too high, and wanted to pretty much re-make Doom as we thought it should have been. When it came to finding a VFX artist, there was some interest, but no one could really offer what we were looking for, so at the urging of a friend, I decided to try to learn what I needed to do for the project. I first started with learning to do simple muzzle flashes, and loved the attention to detail, and the fact that you could see results with each layer added in VFX compositions, and watch it come to life. I also found it a great opportunity to really let my creativity run wild on a few things, one of the most rewarding aspects of VFX is you’re generally creating things that either people have seen before and have to be so exact to the real world counterparts, or something that people have never seen that you can really just let your imagination go nuts with, and the mix of that is something I found I really loved to do.
‘The reason I started doing VFX full-time was to help out filmmakers in the North East with an alternative to the bigger, more expensive VFX houses around, but the advantage of trading in megabytes and the advances of the internet means that we can operate globally, one of our first jobs was visual effects for a low-budget feature in Russia, and not long after that we got a contract for the online series Mark Of The Wolf, by Mark Brown based in Michigan, and most recently Seize The Night with Emma Dark and The Recovery with AJ Singh, both London based.’

Aside from work commissioned from other filmmakers Davy has his own project, Seraphim, in development
Seraphim‘s plot basically follows the archangels and the devil preparing for the apocalypse. It’s very much a classical unities piece, one plot, one location, and pretty much in real-time. I don’t want to give too much away early on, but I will say it’s drawn influence from The Prophecy film series, and we have a few shots later on in the film inspired by the Danse Macabre paintings and in the vein of the Constantine hell sequence, so it should be something to look at’.

Davy we look forward to seeing Seraphim, thanks for talking to the Hothouse.


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