Deadly Virtues: Love, Honour, Obey (2014) – Metal Hammer Silver Screams

Yay The Cut!, London’s best cult film club is back, still presented by Hothouse pal Billy Chainsaw, albeit with a new name and sponsor. Retitled Metal Hammer Silver Screams the show still takes place in the basement of Holborn’s Horse Hospital, first drink is free and there is a draw at the end of the night for some DVDs.


Last night’s presentation was : Love, Honor Obey, a home invasion shocker with a difference which is released on DVD in the UK next week. So what do we have? It’s Friday night and Tom (Matt Barber) and Alison (Megan Maczko) are having a spot of recreational nookie upstairs in their Watford semi, when they are rudely interrupted by Aaron (Edward Akrout) who knocks Tom out with a wallop to the head and chokes Megan unconscious.

When they wake up Tom hogtied in the bath and Alison has been intricately tied up and suspended from the kitchen ceiling by Aaron whose a bit of a bondage master. Now what Aaron wants is for Alison to want to treat him as a loving husband and to secure her full compliance he snips off a few of Tom’s fingers with the threat of a bit more digital topiary if she resists. As the weekend progresses Aaron brings to the surface things tha cause Tom and Alison to re-evaluate their relationship with each other and it ain’t pretty.

Deadly Virtues isn’t for the faint hearted, Tom’s torture and mutilation and Alison’s sexual humiliation are frighteningly realistic, but absolutely essential for the plot. There are really powerful performances from Akrout and Maczko, while director Ate de Jong, who also helmed Rik Mayall vehicle Drop Dead Fred, carefully seeds a lot of little clues around the narrative to trigger your imagination, and things don’t always pan out quite how you expect. My only disappointment was the unnecessary coda to tidy things up at the film’s conclusion, it wasn’t really needed.

An above average home-invasion/torture porn flick with an inverted guardian angel I give Deadly Virtues a 555/666

And huzzah I won a DVD in the draw



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