The Passage AKA Lemon Tree Passage (2015)

American backpackers Maya (Jessica Tovey), Amelia (Pippa Black) and Toby (Tim Pocock) meet up with local lads Geordie (Tim Phillips) and Oscar (Andrew Ryan) in New South Wales. Aside from teaching the Americans to play cricket and to talk Australian by placing ‘fucking’ in front of every noun, Oscar and Geordie spook them about the local legend of Lemon Tree Passage Road, where the ghostly headlamp of a motorcyclist killed in an accident appears in the rear view mirror of speeding teenage motorists at night.

Keen to take in the full phantom motorcyclist experience the five of them head out onto Lemon Tree Passage Road, only what awaits them there is far more malevolent than a supernatural speeding ticket. Just to complicate matters Geordie and Oscar’s psychotic and hallucinating housemate Sam (Nicholas Gunn) is loose in the woods with a truck full of tools. Yep, people are going to die out in the Eucalyptus forests.

The Passage is a spooky atmospheric chiller with some extremely cleverly engineered deaths thinning out the cast. Director David Campbell makes really effective use of sound and light design to create a genuinely eerie environment in the eucalyptus forest, and there are a few quite smart special effects. A little more clarity on the back story might have been helpful, but The Passage makes for an entertaining evening ticking off the body count.  .

An atmospheric body count chiller with some inventive deaths I give The Passage a 555/666

The Passage is released on DVD in the UK on 5 October price £15.99

Trivia: Not that I have ever watched thee things but Jessica Tovey has been in Home and Away while Nicholas Gunn, Tim Phillips and Pippa Black appeared in Neighbours


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