Send out for Wolfsbane – We Howl with Carey Thring, Seize the Night’s Alpha Werewolf

As the nights draw in and Emma Dark’s vampire short Seize the Night gears up for its festival debut, the Hothouse got to talk to the film’s alpha werewolf Carey Thring about how he got to be an actor and to find out what else he is up to:
‘I’ve wanted to be an actor since I was a kid.  My grandmother was an actress in the forties, and I grew up with her stories of repertory theatre and London night life, so I think that must have had an influence!  I lived in the Devon countryside but spent as much time hidden away indoors watching some old black and white film as outside building dens and causing trouble.
I was in the usual school plays and youth groups and, when I was 20, during a theatre exchange program I was invited to play the lead in an adaptation of Mrs Doubtfire, touring Czech schools. After the run was over I stayed in Prague for a few months and found work on feature films such as From Hell and A Knights Tale as well as student shorts including one directed by a young David Wnendt (Combat Girls, Wetlands).
Carey plays Tobias the leader of the werewolf pack in Seize the Night
Carey plays Tobias the leader of Seize the Night’s werewolf pack
Over the years since I have strayed away from acting to do proper jobs but it’s always been my intention to get back in to acting.  Around a year ago I found myself in a position where I could make a go of it full-time again.  The intention was to start by doing a course at a drama school, and I got down to the reserve list for a film acting MA at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama but unfortunately didn’t get in.  Having spent the last year working on various film and theatre projects, and producing my own short which got funding from Film London, I feel pretty content not pursuing the academic route further.
I played Macbeth in a theatre production in Brighton a few years back which was a great experience.  So much so that I plan to reprise the role in a short film I am producing this winter called If It Were Done.  I really enjoyed working with up and coming young filmmaker Dan Allen a couple of years back on his film Audition and we are hoping to work with each other again soon.
More recently, I have worked with some great people over the past year but playing a werewolf pack leader in Emma Dark’s Seize the Night was a real highlight.  Emma is a great producer and put together a fantastic team for this project.  She has worked really hard and achieved some really impressive results considering her budget constraints.’
Obviously we can’t say too much about Carey’s  role in Seize the Night just yet, but what else does the future hold for Carey Thring?
‘I am currently working to push through the final vfx and sound tweaks on City Lights, which is a short film I am producing, before submitting to festivals.  I am working on the screenplay for If It Were Done and starting to pull together the cast and crew. I am also looking for new writing with a view to producing something which has a meaty role for me, so if any of your readers have scripts that might fit, I would be interested in hearing from them!’
So filmmakers if you have any meaty parts for Carey to chew on tweet him at @mrthring

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