Room For Rent – Merlyn Roberts spills the beans on Wyldewood’s Spooky Tale

The Hothouse was intrigued by Room for Rent, a short ghostly chiller from Wyldewood Productions. Director Merlyn Roberts tells us all about it.
‘Steve(Producer,Writer,Camera) and myself (Producer,Writer,Director) love mystery and atmosphere in films and find a lot of modern horror films to be too obvious and reliant on jump scares. So as I believe all film projects should we set out to make the kind of supernatural film we enjoy watching.
Steve has had several real life ghostly encounters and I grew up reading Pan books of ghost stories, both of us tend to get inspired by dreams and nightmares and the essence of RFR began with one of Steve’s nightmares involving an evil entity, which could only be held at bay by the beams of a street light streaming through gaps in a curtain.
As with every project we have worked on so far the budget has been extremely tight, which is both a blessing and a curse as it forces you to be creative, but can make life so hard especially with the technical aspects i.e computer and camera equipment.
Luckily for us the family house which I grew up in is a characterful, slightly battered Georgian house  so we decided to film it there.  The house being fully occupied still offered us plenty of freedom to have very long evenings we would have environmental control as well as cooking facilities, space to make props and rehearse.
The house is also possibly haunted several people staying there have had encounters with a presence in the top room, pulling bed sheets off the bed. Also a shadowy figure has been seen at the bottom of the stairs in the cellar. Although i’ve never seen anything myself I have experienced the odd sensation or two there, but never anything negative.
 Setting a story in one spooky building is the best way I can think of to make life easier on the filmmaker!  Unfortunately we went in an entirely different direction with our next project.
Merlyn Roberts
Merlyn Roberts
The first day of filming was actually Halloween 2010 and we shot over three to four weekends in November and then spent a few months on post production and had our first public screening in April 2011′

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