Still – A different Point of View on the Zombie Apocalypse

teaser-posterSo what happens when rampaging flesh hungry zombies descend on the centre of Birmingham and start eating everything that moves. Well filmmaker Carl Timms is about to show us, as one of those ‘living statue’ bods finds himself with an even more pressing need not to move a muscle in Carl’s short film Still.

Due to be shot over two days this month (17 and 18 October 2015) Carl has recruited top SFX and prosthetics expert Stuart Conran,

SFX Wizard Stuart Conran
SFX Wizard Stuart Conran

whose extensive film credits include classic zombie films Shaun of the Dead, and Peter Jackson’s 1991 cult classic Dead Alive, along with some of the biggest UK horror films of the last 20 years, such as Hellraiser, The Woman in Black, The Descent, Attack the Block and Eden Lake.

Nick Frost made up by Stuart Conran in Shaun of the Dead
Nick Frost made up by Stuart Conran in Shaun of the Dead

The film has already pulled in support from the local community through Zombie Earth, the creators of live-action zombie chase games, who are acting as production partner and providing zombie school to supporters of the project. Extras and makeup artists have also pledged their involvement – including Birmingham Zombie Walk and film and TV make-up artist students from the Birmingham Metropolitan College.

A big bucket of Zombie chow
A big bucket of Zombie chow

Carl launched an Indiegogo campaign on 17 September which is currently over 75 per cent funded. With a target of £3000 overall, Carl is now appealing for support from the international zombie and horror fanbase to help fund the Indiegogo campaign. Funds raised will go towards make-up costs, catering for the 50 strong cast and crew, travel expenses, prop and costume hire and insurance. Should he raise over the £3000 target, any additional funds raised will go towards festival entries, payments for the cast and crew (who are all working for free) and post-production costs.

Indigogo perks include the chance to be a featured zombie extra, with training provided by Zombie Earth’s zombie school, or to have the opportunity to be made up by Stuart Conran himself complete with a portrait photograph as a memento of the day. For those overseas there is the chance to sponsor an A-level drama student to get their first taste of a film production, or to purchase a copy of the film on DVD with exclusive donor-only  VHS illustration style artwork.

Carl told the Hothouse: “Being able to work with a seasoned pro like  Stuart is an amazing boost to the film; it’s an honour to work with someone who has created the effects on some of my favourite zombie films, and it means that our zombies will look genuinely gruesome. Based on its original premise and great team,  I am hoping to make the best zombie short of the year and really hope the zombie community can get behind and support our efforts to get this made”

Filmmaker Carl Timms
Filmmaker Carl Timms

It’s certainly an original take on the zombie genre so Flowers, If you would like to support the project please visit Still’s Indiegogo campaign or follow the film’s progress on facebook or @zomshortstill


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