Some Kind of Hate (2015) – Metal Hammer/Team Rock Silver Screams

Yes it’s that time of the month when we teeter down the slope towards the Horse Hospital’s crypt for the latest offering from London’s best cult film club, the Metal Hammer/Team Rock Silver Screams. Beer in hand I settle into my regular seat as the lights dim and our host, Mr Billy Chainsaw introduces Some Kind of Hate.

My mum used to have one of those Volkswagons
My mum used to have one of those Volkswagens

Californian metal head Lincoln (Ronen Rubinstein) hits back at the bullying jock who makes his High School life hell and ends up getting sent to the Mind’s Eye Academy on a reform programme. No normal reform school the desert academy attempts to rehabilitate ‘difficult’ kids through a programme of meditation, exercise and basic farm chores. Sounds OK but another bunch of bullys home in on loner Lincoln and start making his life at the academy hell too.

 Big mistake, for Lincoln’s rage awakens the vengeful spirit of Moira (Sierra McCormick), a former academy inmate whose suspicious death was hushed up as suicide. Moira has a lovely necklace of razor blades and when she gets mad at someone, she self harms with them, only the razors also cut the object of her fury. Soon Lincoln’s tormentors are just so much butchered meat, but Moira’s fury does not end there, she has unfinished business with the academy and its up to Lincoln and his new love Kaitlin (Grace Phipps) to stop her.


I think most horror fans have been where Lincoln’s been and I found myself thing ‘go Moira’ as she took apart Lincoln’s tormentors, and in a highly imaginative way when Moira’s self harming habit gruesomely manifests itself in sympatheatic victim slashing. That being said it does become a bit of a one trick pony as more and more folks get razored to ribbons, however once the killing gets going Some Kind of Hate mercifully does not linger too long before reaching its grand finale, unlike many other American high school slashers I could think of.

A well acted and competently constructed tale of out of hand revenge I give Some Kind of Hate a 555/666

Some Kind of Hate is released in the UK on 19 October


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