Bad Bones author Graham Marks on the Red Eye Blog Tour

The Hothouse is a big fan of Red Eye’s young adult books, let’s face it if we want to keep horror healthy we need to capture the imagination of the nest generation of genre fans and anything that gets the critters reading is a bonus too.

RED EYE Blog tour BannerFive gruesomely entertaining titles have escaped from ther dungeon so far this year and in the lead up to our favourite time of year I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to chat with Bad Bones author Graham Marks and find out what makes him tick.

Bad bones author Graham Marks
Bad Bones author Graham Marks

Its always interesting to discover how people find their way to writing and Graham is no exception.

‘I got started in the book business, initially, as a designer/Art Director and ended up co-owning a small publishing company. Which sounds great, but I woke up one morning and discovered that I’d turned myself into a suit/business man and had employed someone to do my job, so I bailed. After a few years as a freelance creative, I realized I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life doing what I was doing. I made what, at the time, seemed like a logical decision, which was stop doing the pictures and start doing the words; I had ‘A’ Level English Lit and Lang., how hard could it be?
Since then I’ve done nothing but write, but it’s not just been books; I’ve written TV show novelizations, junior novelizations of movies, in fact anything anyone asked me to do to get the experience; I’ve also been a journalist, an advertising copywriter and I’ve written comic book scripts. I’ve written sci-fi, historical, fantasy and thrillers.’
Bad Bones coverI thought Bad Bones contained some very unusual subject matter with its mix of Pre-Columbian and Spanish Catholic  supernatural elements its a rich area which does not seem to have been explored much by other creatives so far so what attracted Graham to it?

‘Los Angeles was the inspiration. There’s not a huge amount of history in the US, but what there is kind of starts here on the West Coast where the Spanish came when they moved north. The soldiers arrived, and along with them came the priests and I’ve always been fascinated by the power of belief; But, as Rafael says, ‘Life is neither good or bad, it is neutral. It all depends on your point of view.’.
The area where I set the book is somewhere I know quite well and when you’re out in those dusty canyons it’s not hard to imagine what it used to be like there, before we came.’

Rafael certainly raises an interesting point there, but what can we exect from Graham Marks in the future?

‘Now there’s a question…I have a couple of projects – one a crime thriller set in London in the 70s, the other in the US in the early 20s – that need some work on, and then there;s a sci-fi idea that popped into my head just last week that’s nudging me to get to work on it. Watch this space…’


Well it sounds as if there is plenty of stuff there for readers to get excited about and if reading Graham’s thoughts has whetted your curiosity you can find out more about Bad Bones and the other Red Eye titles at the Little Tiger/Red Eye website
The red Eye Blog tour continues at Readaraptor where you will discover more about Simon Cheshire and his gruesomely entertaining book Flesh and Blood.


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