Boys on film presents: They Come at Night, Mostly (2015)

There isn’t anything quite like a bunch of horror stories to make Halloween go with a bump in the night, so those nice people at Peccadillo Pictures have very kindly collected the best of the Horror shorts from their Boys on Film gay movie portmanteau collections and made them available as a special Halloween package to rent of buy at a bargain seasonal price.


Best of the bunch for me was the Aussie short Love Bite, with its heady mix of confused teenage passion, but I also really loved the animated Cruising Patrol where evil gun-toting soft toys take on backseat driving and a Texas motorcycle cop in a wild Tarrantino, Lovecraft, Carpenter and Chuck Jones  mash-up.

The ten film package also includes the Remission the post apocalyptic survival film we reviewed in Boys on Film 13, Trick or Treat; Cowboy, where a property speculator discovers that there is a lot more to an isolated German farm than the pretty boy servicing the combine harvester; Together where Mark and David move in together only to discover something rather nasty lurking in the attic of their new London house; Boys Village a poignant haunting set in an abandoned Welsh holiday village for underprivileged children; The Last Time I Saw Richard features a good deal more sinister collection of apparitions that come with Jonah’s new roommate at an Australian rehab centre: We Are Animals takes place in a dystopian 1985 America where AIDS has become the excuse for a gay final solution; Bugcrush where American student Ben gets inducted into a new sexual thrill by new boy in class Grant and finally Want It a home invasion with a twist an exclusive preview from next year’s Boys on film 14.

A creepy collection of chills and thrills just right for the scariest night of the year I give They Come at Night, Mostly a 555/666

They Come at Night, Mostly is available to rent for £3.99 or buy for £8.99 find out more at 


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