A Little Halloween Music – Rope Burn The Bloody Jug Band

We don’t often do music on the Hothouse, but every now and again something comes along that tickles the old horror bone. Hailing from the sunshine state of Florida the Bloody Jug Band’s music has been described as Florida swamp noir, and in my opinion would not be out-of-place in any deep-fried Southern Gothic horror movie.

Abyssmal_FullBand_001On top of guitar and drums the band’s sound is supplemented by washboard, washtub bass, banjo, harmonica, jug and spoons and the band cite influences ranging from the jug bands of the 1920s and 30s to Johnny Cash, Lynyrd Skynryd, Warren Zevon, Nick Cave, Alice Cooper and Motorhead. Nothing wrong with that and sure the predominant sound is alt country, but I think there is also a good slice of Clear Spot era Captain Beefheart, particularly in male lead vocalist Cragmire Peace’s delivery. There’s also a dose of acid fried Roky Erikson, a bit of folk picking Jimmy Page instrumentation and a shot of Morricone western soundtrack.


The band kindly sent me a copy of their most recent CD Rope Burn, which is packed full of memorable tunes with suitably Gothic titles like Volfkiller, Wanted Man in Hell, The Undertaker and Asylum Blues. Occasionally Pearce gives up the mike to Stormy Jean who comes over like a fucked up Neko Case on 13 Steps and Gal of Sorrow.

Stand out track has got to be Beautiful Corpse which is probably the most macabre love song ever

Find out more at The Bloody Jug Band Website

Rope Burn is available on CD in the USA or as a download from Amazon in the UK

How about a trip to the UK guys?


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