Samhuinn Fire Festival 2015

P1170616The Hothouse has returned from its weekend in Edinburgh and a very good time it had there too. Aside from the magnificent Samhuinn Fire Festival, a visit was made to the brand new Surgeons Hall Museum at The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in Nicholson Street (admission £6) where aside from lots of pickled pathology specimens and surgical instruments, there is a fascinating display about former student Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and his tutor Dr William Bell, the man who is said to have been the model for Sherlock Holmes. In another case we found the death mask of notorious murderer William Burke (of Burke and Hare fame) and a book covered with his tanned skin, a memento from the somewhat ironic public dissection of his body following his execution in 1829.

We also sampled the Botanic Lights exhibition at the Royal Botanic Gardens which had the odd spooky moment.

Spookyness at the Royal Botanic Gardens
Spookyness at the Royal Botanic Gardens

But the main event took place down in the Grass Market where the volunteers of the Beltane Fire Society put on a great show as usual.

P1170596I’m not so sure about the new Grass Market venue for the show though, the staging needs to be higher so that more people than just the very tall people wearing big hats at the front can get to see what’s going on. And as for making the show more family friendly we did notice the Wendy O’Williams style modesty tape on the bare breasted drummers!

P1170604All photography by the lovely Queene Mab and copyright Simon’s Seagull Photographic


Aybody got a light?
Anybody got a light?

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