The Messenger – 2015

Robert Sheehan is The Messenger
Robert Sheehan is The Messenger

Jack (Robert Sheehan) sees dead people, ever since his dad topped himself when he was a nipper. As you would expect this has led to him spending a good part of his life in mental institutions and having real bad problems with his social interactions when he turns up uninvited to funerals wanting a word on behalf of the deceased. Well things get a whole lot more complicated when the ghost of murder victim Mark (Jack Fox) turns up since Mark’s partner Sarah (Tamzin Merchant) is both pregnant and having an affair with the lawyer husband of Jack’s estranged sister Emma (Lily Cole).

I suppose the obvious comparison is The Sixth Sense, but this is quite a different kind of movie, much more introspective and questioning about Jack’s mental state, Does he see dead people or is it just his medication wearing off? You will have to watch the film to find out because I am not going to spoil your anticipation.

The Messenger is one of those curios British flicks like The Falling that sits somewhere between the supernatural and the psychological. It’s beautifully shot with stand out performances from Sheehan and Joely Richardson as his psychiatrist and David O’Hara as the jaded DCI charged with investigating Mark’s murder. It also has a nicely atmospheric musical score by Ian Livingstone.

Disturbing, but intriguing I give The Messenger a 555/666

The Messenger was released on DVD in the UK on 2 November price £14.99


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